Hilltop Aussies
         The Girl's
Shadow is  our miniature. She's got the look and what a personality.  Dads big  lap dog. She has been retired.
 ^Misty Blue at the championship and in the snow. She is a toy. when we talk about big personalities in small packages she backs it up. She has been retired.
Patchwork at the championship & at the beach. Shes so high spirited and fun loving.She has been a great friend, we couldnt have asked for a better aussie.
Patchwork has now retired, but still apart of our family and loved.!!!

 She is so energetic, excitable, and full of love!  She's a sweetheart!

She is our biggest miniature!

She is now retired, living in Alaska!!
Thi is our Toy Ausstralian Shepherd
Bonnie. She is the daughter of Patchwork.   retired.
Ruby is a Red Tri Miniature Australian Shepherd.

She is now retired.

 The things we love the most about her is she is so kind hearted. She loves to play with the other dogs. Shes a very loving mother, and shes a good watch dog.
Red Merle mini.


Lucy is a beautiful Blue Merle mini.
Very loving and playful, her favorite time is playing in the snow.